Reciprocal Exchange of Energy

If you kill a human being or an animal without first getting its permission, it has the right to your vehicle (body), and can jump into it.  One can also be invaded by the Spirit of another or an animal, if at the scene of its death, your natural defences are low.

It is also possible to experience an invading Spirit’s physical symptoms and dysfunctions playing out through your body.  When there is no explanation for what you are experiencing physically, mentally or emotionally, this is worth looking into!  Does your experience belong to you?

The following is but a short list of those who can be hosting invading Spirits:

  • Hunters
  • Soldiers
  • Police Officers
  • Hospital, Rescue, Ambulance Personnel
  • Accident Witnesses
  • Abattoir Employees
  • etc.

Using Holographic Kinetics, I can facilitate the removal of Spirits that may have invaded the body through reciprocal exchange of energy.