FamiltyI am dedicated to assisting people move beyond the assumptions and beliefs that are holding them back from realizing their dreams.

What you assume it to be, you believe it to be
and what you believe it to be,  IS. – Steve Richards

I have spent my life questioning my external reality because I could not reconcile what I was witnessing, experiencing, seeing, hearing, etc., with what I was feeling about all of it.  There was a mismatch, an incongruency. Something was wrong!

In trusting my feeling sense about the validity of the status quo, external information, I discovered that it was how and what I was being told and conditioned to believe by school, church, government and society, in general (through mainstream media, etc.) … that was the problem.  I discovered there was more – much more – to what I was being led to believe.  In fact, I discovered over the years, and to this day, that most of the information fed to us by the above-mentioned institutions, is false!  Not only that, but that most of it is deliberately misleading!

The thing is, the programming begins the moment we are born, making breaking free of it a daunting task. Yet, it can be done!

My intention is to help you identify the insidious assumptions and beliefs we’ve been programmed with since birth and help to unravel how valid they are for YOU, so that you can get back to working with your Spirit, to manifest the reality you know in the inner most, inviolate part of your Self, is possible.

We don’t have to be in a reality of another. Remember the dream, and you awake from the dream, and in that dream you can manifest anything in that dream.  – Steve Richards

I offer one-half hour and one hour mentoring sessions in person and via Skype.  Please email me if you would like more information.