Internally Created Entity

… let go of the issue and you release it, hang onto it and you feed a life form that starts to grow, with you as its host. That created life form, when fed enough, grows–collecting millions of electrons within its form. And as it grows, it becomes conscious of its consciousness and grows into a new form known as an “internally created entity”.

Once created as an internally created entity, it can now surface at will and you have no control over your actions, but you will feed it more with your reactions. Eventually, it can take over totally, especially if you drink alcohol or are on drugs. – Spirit’s Journey, Steve Richards


… the Spirit externalizes by bringing through action that has never been dealt with from the past hologram of time and as we now internalize and react in the present to that action, that integration of the past action, plus the present reaction, sets up the cycles of similarity from that moment on, into the future hologram of time.

We now have the repeat offenders, and others, stuck in that repeat cycle of similarity from the past, not knowing why, as that created dimension of reality is alive and seeks survival, as its creation is all that it knows, until it starts to grow and learn, just as a baby grows and learns by their reactors, it is now becoming intelligent, as it gains knowledge and understanding and keeps setting you up to feed itself, which becomes the same frequency that created it in the first place, eventually this created force takes on form and becomes conscious of its own consciousness and becomes the birth of a new internal dimension of reality known as an internal entity.

Now this internally created entity, keeps the cycles going and eventually as you keep feeding it, by the repeat cycles of time, it can start to take over and at times come forward into the creation of what is known as multiple personalities.

Man must in the present go back to the past and change that created dimension of reality at its juncture, in the past, once time enfolds upon itself, it creates 360 degrees representing completion and time will then loop itself and put you outside that dimension of time, only then will this stop the cycles of similarity from continuing into the future. – Lore, Steve Richards


My experience of internally created entities is that they are the internal ‘thoughts’ that constantly ‘poke’ at us, and keep us in a reactive emotional state – they want to be fed and they ‘know’ that by triggering a certain thought, we will ‘re-act’, thus feeding them.

I have also experienced an internally-created entity to trigger physical pain in the body.  It was only when I dropped my assumptions about what I believed that pain to be, that my Spirit was able to convey to me that it was being caused by an internally created entity, which I then had removed.