WomanI have spent over 25 years fathoming the workings of the Universe, studying and practicing many consciousness expanding and healing modalities in the search for Truth.  While each teaching was invaluable, I eventually outgrew them all.

When I  finally stopped searching for the answers outside myself, there in the forefront of my consciousness was Spirit!

I’ve come full circle.  Every step – from the moment of my awakening to the awareness of a greater reality, to the exploration outside myself of what that greater reality might possibly be, back to my center and to my own Spirit – every moment consciously experienced, every conclusion, consciously realized.

It was in becoming consciously aware of my Spirit that I discovered Steve Richard’s Holographic Kinetics therapy for healing the Spirit.

What Holographic Kinetics has taught me is that the Spirit is the most powerful force in the Universe, and there is nothing outside of the human Spirit more powerful. Nothing! And yet, it is the least realized  and acknowledged aspect of ourselves!

Each one of us is a Spirit on a journey.
We came into this world alone and
we will leave this world alone – and it is
the Spirit that will continue on after this lifetime.

My intention in offering Holographic Kinetics to you is to facilitate your Spirit in helping you heal the traumas of the past, and become free of interference, manipulation and dis-empowering beliefs and programs.  It is the Spirit – which is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient – that can access these aspects of itself and the Soul, and enfold time and space upon them, thus restoring balance to one’s self-created Universe and allow for a consciously created future to unfold rather than one where we’re still stuck in time repeating the patterns of the past.

I am excited for you that you find yourself here!  KNOW from one who has traveled full circle, you are in the right place!